» Tim and Allison Greer work together out of their studio in Schuylerville, NY - located 10 minutes from Saratoga Springs. They specialize in wedding photography, and family, senior and newborn portraits.

About Us


With a degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Tim started in photojournalism, and worked as a newspaper and sports photographer in Cooperstown, NY before starting Camera Famosa Photography.  Tim has 15 years of professional photography experience, and he has developed into a creative and versatile photographer.  His unique attention to detail and his exceptional eye are reflected in the warmth and sincerity in his photographs.  On a day to day basis, Tim can most often be found at his desk working on a recent photo shoot, or e-mailing or talking with clients.  If he’s not at his desk, you might find him taking a quick break in the garden or walking our dogs, Mabel and Luna.

What does Tim love most about photography?  As Tim told Allison the first time he met her, he feels fortunate to have found a career that he can feel passionate about.  Tim is a quiet fellow, but his observational and photographic skills allows him to capture the essence of a moment.


Allison, his wife, helped Tim start Camera Famosa Photography in 2009, and still works behind the scenes at times.

Camera Famosa Photography is committed to sustainability.  We have a large garden that provides much of our produce, a few beehives, and a small flock of chickens that roam our land.  Allison recently wrote a book titled Companion Planting for the Kitchen Gardener, and Tim provided the photography.