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Companion Planting Book


Tim and I recently put together a book about gardening.   If you ever visited our house for a session or an appointment, you probably noticed a rather large garden in our back yard.  We grow most of the vegetables we eat, and through the process of learning to grow what we eat, we’ve also learned a lot about the gardening process.   In our book,  called Companion Planting for the Kitchen Gardener, I detailed a specific style of gardening called “companion planting.”

Companion planting involves planting mixed beds full of several varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs.  From the book:

“My definition of companion planting is very basic, and perhaps more generic than the traditional understanding. 

 Companion Planting – Plant many things.  Mix them up – plant herbs, vegetables and flowers together.  Watch them grow. 

 There’s more to discuss; I still have to tell you about soil, and bugs, and chemicals (never, ever, ever).  Still, the definition I’ve provided sums up my approach to gardening fairly well. 

Creating an environment where flowers, edibles, and herbs all intermingle describes a version of companion planting that is approachable to newer gardeners, those who garden in tiny spaces, and those with room to spare. 

If you’ve decided to grow an organic garden, companion planting offers a way for you to grow healthy and resilient plants without relying on harmful chemicals for their survival.  Companion planting is ideal for kitchen gardeners, because all of your plants will be flung together in a beautiful configuration.

The companion planting techniques described in this book are based on the understanding that both above and below the surface of the soil, plants interact.  It is clear that plants do not exist in nature in isolation.  Every aspect of plant production is dependent on some level of cooperation with the surrounding plants, insects, and microbes in the soil.”

I (Allison) wrote the text, and Tim took gorgeous photos to accompany my words.  Now, I know your next question is, “Where can I get a copy?”  Of course, you can find the book online and in major book stores.  However, you can also buy a copy directly from us.  By purchasing the book directly from us, we’re able to see more of the profits than we will from book royalties.  Of course, it will also come with a personalized message from Tim and myself.

To buy your very own copy, just click the button below.


Thank you so much for your support!  We hope you find the book useful, please let us know what you think!

~ Sincerely – Allison & Tim


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