» Tim and Allison Greer work together out of their studio in Schuylerville, NY - located 10 minutes from Saratoga Springs. They specialize in wedding photography, and family, senior and newborn portraits.

Camera Famosa : Striving Towards Sustainability

We strive to practice eco-conscious choices in our personal lives, so it only made sense to carry that over to how we run Camera Famosa. We aspire to be socially and environmentally responsible in the way we source, market, and deliver professional photography services.  We are committed to the preservation of the environment through a combination of resource conservation and an awareness of our impact on the world.

Here are a few ways we are creating a sustainable, eco-friendly business and life:

– Operate out of a home office, which saves energy, time, and means the daily commute is just 14 steps away from the house
– Send communications using digital rather than print-based means (telephone or e-mail before faxes or mailed copies)
– Print in-office documents as little as possible, and what paper is used is printed on both sides and recycled
– Select vendors that are also environmentally responsible and provide eco-friendly products
– Embrace the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” philosophy in all aspects of our lives and business
– Many of the props in the studio are second-hand from antique stores or donated
– Use task lighting to illuminate a specific work area instead of an entire room
– Use digital cameras instead of film, reducing the left over harsh chemicals
– Purchase energy efficient equipment and appliances that are built to last
– Turn off or unplug all equipment and chargers that are not in use
– Purchase supplies that are recycled, recyclable, or both
– Share and proof images online instead of printing proofs
– Combine errands and car trips to reduce fuel usage
– Regulate heating with a programmable thermostat
– Use rechargeable batteries for all equipment
– Use CFL’s in the house and studio
– Support local businesses when possible
– Clean using biodegradable and non-toxic agents
– Compost organic items such as kitchen and yard waste
– Recycle everything including paper, glass, metal, and plastic
– Watch over our chickens which we receive eggs and meat from
– Care for our bees while they pollinate and provide honey and wax
– Purchase food including fruit, veggies, meat, and dairy when in season and sourced local
– Tend to a large garden and small orchard in which we benefit from fresh, preserved, and canned goods

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