» Tim and Allison Greer work together out of their studio in Schuylerville, NY - located 10 minutes from Saratoga Springs. They specialize in wedding photography, and family, senior and newborn portraits.

The Pittsburgh Glass Center

As some of you may or may not know, Tim grew up near Pittsburgh, PA.  On a somewhat recent trip back in December, we visited the Pittsburgh Glass Center.  His dad is a retired scientific glassblower who used to work at the University of Pittsburgh.  He usually attends the PGC’s Open House once a month and does a live demonstration in their “flame shop.”  Now, he enjoys making Christmas ornaments as well as other artistic creations in his spare time.

By heating a certain spot of a glass tube, he blows into one end to form a ball.  Once that’s done, there are dozens of different design possibilities that can be made once the basic form is created.

Upstairs in the “hot shop,” a few other people were collectively working on a piece.  It’s here where larger work is done with ample annealing space and multiple ovens.

If you ever have the opportunity, we highly recommend watching these artists heat, manipulate and mold an unassuming piece of glass into a work of art.

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