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Kelly – Class of 2014 – Pittsburgh, PA – Camera Famosa Photography

When visiting family and friends in Pittsburgh, PA, we got the chance to shoot our niece Kelly’s Senior portrait photos.  We were really excited to be able to shoot in the city of Pittsburgh, and work with our sweet Kelly.  We traveled all around the downtown area.  First, we snuck into a hotel to take some pictures with their grand piano.  Kelly has played piano for years, so it was nice to have an available prop.  Then, we walked down town to Point State Park, and stopped by someView full post »

Brandon – Class of 2014 – Pennsylvania – Hartwood Acres – Senior Portrait Photographer

We recently took some Senior photos of Brandon at Hartwood Acres, in Pennsylvania.  Tim’s known Brandon and his family for years, and he’s watched him and his sister grow up.  Now, Melissa’s in college and Brandon’s graduating from High School.  Congratulations! ~ Sincerely – Allison & TimView full post »

Ashleigh – Class of 2013 – Senior Portrait Photographer

As much as we’ve had fun with all of our seniors, I was really excited to work with a former student, especially one I had the pleasure of teaching twice!  From personal experience, I can tell you that Ashleigh is sweet, polite, and incredibly smart!  She wants to be a nurse, and it fits her personality perfectly.   I’d wish her good luck in her senior year, but I know she doesn’t need it.  Instead, I’ll just tell her to have fun in her last year at Greenwich. ~View full post »

Emily – Class of 2013 – Camera Famosa Photography Studio, Schuylerville, NY

Emily was actually one of the first seniors we worked with, but she decided to divide her session in two so she could capture both seasons.  Because of the rain lately, we didn’t get a chance to finish her session until last week.  Emily was so sweet throughout her session, and we’re so glad we got to meet with her twice!  In her second session, we were able to capture some amazing fall sunlight. Good luck in your senior year at Schuylerville! ~ Sincerely – Allison &View full post »

Morgan – Class of 2013 – Schuylerville, NY

It was a lot of fun following Morgan around his family farm for his senior photos.  Wishing you all the best in your senior year and beyond! ~ Sincerely – TimView full post »

Ryan – Class of 2013 – Camera Famosa Studio, Schuylerville, NY

Ryan couldn’t have been more easy going and fun to work with.  All the best in this year’s football season, and congratulations on your senior year! ~ Sincerely – Tim          View full post »

Dana – Class of 2013 – Camera Famosa Studio, Northumberland, NY

Our senior photo session with Dana was ridiculously good fun.  She used to practice martial arts and has a black belt in it.  She’s super nice, but I wouldn’t mess with her.  All the best in your senior year at Schuylerville! ~ Sincerely – Allison & Tim         It was really easy to make Dana laugh… all we had to do was ask her to try and be serious…              View full post »

Teddy – Class of 2013 – Schuylerville, NY

Teddy stopped by our studio this past week for her senior photo session.  We got lucky, the light for her session was just perfect.  Teddy was such a sweet girl, her name fits her perfectly!  Gook luck in your senior year at Schuylerville! ~ Sincerely – Allison & Tim                  View full post »

Kristina – Class of 2013 – Schuylerville, NY

Kristina’s photo session was so much fun.  This girl thought about everything!  We visited her friend’s horse farm for some photos (Kristina wants to be a veterinarian), and she brought her dog.  She also brought along some antique chairs that have been in her family for years.  Her creativity made for some great photos. Gook luck in your senior year at Schuylerville! ~ Sincerely – Allison &View full post »